Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Woah. its been quite some time since my last post. Hahaas. well life's been pretty fair lately. Looking at things on the bright side, eating well, you know the usual...
Its the study break! YAY! hahas. Need to bury myself in books soon and i mean really soon. Cause mains are just 2 weeks away. hopefully i could get a higher GPA score this sem? Gotta see how hard working i am then...
Oh well... Good luck guys~ In whatever you are doing. Cause ya gonna need it. =)

Spread the love people~<3

Oh! and i started a Photoblog. Do check it out. =)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The official video is out!!! Go check it out!! this time you could see me!!! somewhere around 3:05. =)

hehehe... guess what? I have developed my FILM!!! well technically its still developing in process and i would be collecting it tomorrow!! whoots!! Will upload the pics once i found myself a scanner i could borrow...=)

Cant wait!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey heys. YES! It's that time of the year again. The mid-sem tests! Hurray! Not. I'm gonna start blabbing again~
How funny that time flies when you have having fun or not. *yes yes, i knw.....* With a blink of an eye, or two, weeks have gone past. All those lazing around, fun, joy and laughter was enjoyed. And its that time of the year to study!! Yah~
Yes yes, this post was meant for me to not feel so guilty for not studying and letting my mind wonder off... Sigh...

OH well!!!! I'm about to finish my first roll of film on my BBF!!!!
Can't wait to finish and develop it!
Will upload it *no idea how...anyone have a scanner i could borrow?* once its developed. Still looking for a cheap and fast developer though. Any recommendations?

Oh Righty! I should really hit the books now~~~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where have I been these past Saturdays?

This is where I have been!
Had uber lots of fun!!!!
Can't wait for the offical video to come out!!!=)
Hope there's more flashmobs to come!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Me, Ling and contact lens.

Well, went to get contacts yesterday. initially i wanted to go the shop that i usually go. but ling had to make a detour to T1 to see her hair wax. So happen that we saw a 'roadshow' for specs and contacts. So we went to take a look. There are some attractive promotions going on. We then proceed to the actual shop rather than the atrium. It turns out that even if they are from the same shop, but the workers there had no idea about the promotion etc. So we whet back down. So the sales girl came and we went back up. -.- ya i knw. so much for coming down right. So we waited like god knows how long just to get our eyes tested. wtf. So we got this fresh poly grad/uni freshie. It took her like 20 mins just to get my actual degree. But at least she was nice. So she was like "Do you blog?" Then i was like "" i lied. not like she is going to really knw this url and read my post right.... lols... she was just afraid that i am going to blog about her. lols. i am blogging about her now. Ling was totally frustrated. hahas. but seriously. that shop has really bad service. Just because we are not buying contacts from their shop dosen't mean they need not serve us. like wth?! seriously. but technically it is from their shop. confusing isn't it. i am. Ling was about to complain. muahahahs. oh well. at least we got our contacts. =) its been a long time since i used normal contacts.....i usually wear coloured if you dont know.=)

Boy boy is getting is balls cut~ i think its already removed. hope he is not to devastated. sigh. but i just dont get it. aren't dogs and cats the same? just that cat need lower maintenance than dogs. sigh. i just dont get.... Oh well. 99% that i am not keeping boy boy and having a dog instead.-.-

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Okay. Hi everyone~ i know i have totally been neglecting this blog of mine. But fret not! Cause it shall be active again. i guess... =) So been working my ass off these months and earned quite a sum. hahas. saving for the Taiwan trip. =) So to start off my comeback, these are a few books that accompanied me on my way to work. =)
Tittle: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Rating: 3.5/5
For Classic lovers, fans of literature and Jane Austin. Might be hard to absorb in the start and for those who just started reading. But over all, i find it hard to absorb and amusing. In other words, its too "chim" for me. Just being honest. =) Though there are some parts that are understandable, like how Lydia is such a bitch and how embarrassing it is to have a mum like Mrs Bennet.

Tittle: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Authors: Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
Rating 4.5/5
Best read if you just finish reading Pride and Prejudice, uber hilarious and totally out of this world! One of my favourites thats for sure. Definitely a whole lot easier to understand than the original. Instead of keeping your composer as a lady, the Bennets are the best zombie killing machine around and Mr Bingley is such a wimp *duh~*. Shall not reveal too much. Don't want to be a spoiler now do we. =) Grab the book at the book stores. Though some bookstores have no idea where they kept them. *sigh*

Tittle: Billionaires Prefer Blonds
Author: Suzanne Enoch
Rating: 4.5/5
One of my favourites!!!! If you are a fan of romance, action and mayhem-okay its not totally mayhemish type of book, but still...- Its uber cool. My type of book. =) I think its like the 2nd or 3rd book- there are actually a few that follows the story, kinda like twilight, minus the mystical creatures, love rivals, teen love and add in thiefs, sex, action, fences, etc. =)

Tittle: A Touch Of Minx
Author: Suzanne Enoch
Rating: 4/5
Not sure if its the last book or not. But its definitely after Billionaires Prefer Blondes, or maybe after a book or two. Anyways~ its as exciting as the previous, plus some Japanese antiques collectors and a uber sweet ending. =) I knew Samantha Jellicoe and Richard Addison will always be together. *aww~* Like Sam, I can't stand a guy being overbearing, its just too much. But no words can describe the love they have for each other.
Erm... I am miss two books from this series, so people if you happen to be at any second hand book store please help me look for Flirting with Danger and Don't Look Down, both from the same author. Thanks. ^^

Tittle: Realm of Shadows
Author: Shannon Drake
Rating: 3.5/5
Its like twilight, minus the teen lovey dovey, and no, the girl did not fall for the vampire, its the werewolf. *Team Jacob!* =) Uber cool, sets in France, a bit of french in the book, just the dialogues. I think you are able to pick it up in the school library, tp library that is. *i miss school. >.<*
I am looking for Bride of the Wind, by the same author. I really, really, really want this book. Looked everywhere for it. Even book suppliers don't carry it anymore. Sooooo.... heehee. If you happen to see the book, other then the school library, please call me, text me kays. ^^
Your help is greatly appreciated. =)
With this i conclude my post. Have a fun last week of holiday people and those who are starting school tomorrow, HAVE FUN! =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


1. Its the festive season.
2. You spend more time gambling.
2. Eating,
3. Smiling,
4. Greeting,
5. Drinking,
6. Playing,
7. Cooking,
8. Changing,
9. Traveling,
10. Praying,
11. Listening,
13. Eating,
14. Peeing,
15. Pooing,
16. Bathing,
17. Facebooking,
18. Twitting,
19. Blogging.
20. With the weather being uber nice for drying clothes,we are all sweating like pigs.
21. 5 more days to the exams.
22. Marketing is my worst nightmare.
23. Mon has two papers.
24. Marketing is the first.
25. Just flipped to the first page of the text book.
26.Marketing An Introduction. An Asian perspective.
27. Can't believe I spent 50 bucks on it.
28. Back to festive mood.
29. Received Ang Pao.
30. Minus the Ang Pao.
31. Some Superstitious thing about giving Ang Pao.
32. Lost my Favourite key ring.
33. I am running out of points.
34. Any other points you wish to add.
35. In the Chat Box please.
36. Seriously.
37. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
38. Do pardon the untidiness and Singlish.
39. Its a open society.
40. Plus i am pure Singaporean.
41. Okay fine. Half. Third. Quarter. Whatever.
42. I am a guy.
43. Just kidding.
44. It reads like a conversation rather than a post doesn't it.
45. Cool.
46. Mission Accomplish.
47. Call me Jo, Jo-lyn .
48. *rash berry*
49. I should stop now.
50. Seriously.
51. Before it hit 100.
52. Nah~
53. I will just find something random to talk about.
54. Why is the sky so high?
55. Why is the sea so deep?
56. Why is there space?
57. Why is there iphones?
58. Why is ipad called the ipad?
59. Why is Singapore called Singapore?
60. Why is there a glass ceiling between so many different groups of people?
61. Why is there blogger?
62. Why am i blogging this nonsensical post?
63. Why is this list never ending?
64. Why am i having this inner monologue?
65. Why are you reading this post?
66. Why is there life?
67. Why is there so many whys?
68. Why do i keep asking why?
69. Why is the sky so blue?
70. Why am i continuing the list?
71. Why are you reading this list?
72. Why, do i really want to touch 100.?
73. Sigh. I guess it would never reach 100.
74. Cause my mind has already been cleared off any things.
75. I guess.
76. How are you today?
77. Did you had fun during the break?
78. Guess not. Its the study week.
79. I am hungry.
80. Nice to meet you.
81. What's your name.
82. My hobbies are being hungry at random times.
83. What's yours?
84. Let me tell you a secret.
85. I am hungry.
86. Nice to meet you.
87. What is your name?
88. My hobbies are being hungry at random times.
89. Oh its a cricket.
90. Oh. No wait. Its the keyboard.
91. Hurray. Its CNY.
92. Boo. Its study week.
93. Banzai. Its Din DIn time~
94. Boo. Its...
95. Realise i have nothing that i hate eating. even bugs. love them.
96. Tried Caterpillar. Taste like chicken.
97. Wonder that if chickens know that they taste the same.
98. You think i am a loony don't ya?
99. Tell you what.
100. I REACHED 100. !!!